What About Designing with ECO Aware Roman Cement?

How is it that this dome, with no re-bar rienforcement has stood for 2,000 years, while a Portland cement constructed condo if Florida collapesed in 40?

Talk to the "Boss", Sharon Ehlmann...

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But, before you waste your and Sharon's time asking silly questions ... do your homework!

A "lost formula" for Roman Cement has been found by Sharon Ehlmann, and some savvy female friends no longer expected to be responsible for the office coffee chemistry. The source of Miz Sheri's Nepheline Syenite Geopolymetric Volcanic C-A-S-H deposit, is on the Oregon Coast, located by Barry Murray of "TheProspector.com", not that far from the underwater Cascadia Subduction Zone Plate Techonics Fault, which seems to have had something to do with this mineralogical oddity only being found in a few places in the world.

Ehlman's controversial white paper:

Naturally Formed Nepheline Syenite Alumino-Silicate [Al2O3/SiO2] High Performance Roman Cement ‘Paste’ Is Being Left Behind In a One-Sided Controlled Race to Replace Excessive High Greenhouse Gas [GHG] Production, caused by the Manufacturing of an Out-Of-Date Portland Cement

A conclusion made possible by following breakthrough by Marie Jackson's;

Extreme Durability in Ancient Roman Concretes

Followed by Linn W. Hobbs - Ruth Siddall's;

Cementitious Materials of the Ancient World

All contributors inspired by text book,

Roman Architectural Art


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